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Topic: Secrets from the Clink
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 14/08/14 10:48:00

Couldn't help but reflect whilst watching this programme that we don't appear to have made much progress since Victorian times. Tales of appalling privately run prisons, no support or after care for former prisoners, condemning families to poverty and the most horrendous housing conditions. In 2014, SERCO heavily criticised for the treatment of prisoners in their (supposed) care, the total mess that is our now mostly privatised Probation services, pay-day lenders allowed to charge people disgraceful rates of interest plunging them into more money troubles. As for housing only 'affordable' if you earn the big bucks, 'twas ever thus it seems. The laws in the 1800's were made by the rich and influential to protect their interests, has much really changed?   

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