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Topic: Spectra
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 10/08/14 11:57:00

A follow-up to my photo of the searchlight during the Lights Out last Monday ...

It looked like a single searchlight from Chiswick, but in fact it's an array of 49 searchlights on Victoria Tower Gardens, between Parliament and Lambeth Bridge.  Each light is about 5 ft tall, and there's space to walk between them.  The beams are constantly sparkling with insects (probably moths) flying through them, and last night shortly before midnight, when I took these photos, people were wandering around and through the lights, or just lying on the grass looking upwards at the magical sight.

Tonight is the final opportunity to see "Spectra", created by the Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda.  The lights go out for the last time at dawn on Monday.

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