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Topic: Diversions?
Posted by: Francis Rowe
Date/Time: 06/08/14 18:39:00

Firstly I should say I think this event is a good thing and I will be going to watch it.

That said the information that has been given about it is an exercise in obfuscation. I've looked at all the route information and am still not entirely clear exactly what will be happening on Sunday.

Am I correct in assuming the following?:

1) The A4 will be closed from Hogarth Roundabout into town from first thing on Sunday until late afternoon

2) Chiswick Bridge will be closed but there will be pedestrian access

3) The elite race will pass through Chiswick at about 1.15pm and Homefield Rec would be a good pace to view it from

4) The elite race won't contain any riders that non cycling enthusiasts will have heard of

5) There will be signed traffic diversions on the day which will include the redirection of traffic wishing to go west along CHR and King Street which will mean that they will grind to a halt at around 9am and not move until the evening.

I was away for the last one so maybe I am being overly pessimistic but isn't the impact of this event across the capital likely to be massive? Yet awareness that it is taking place seems quite limited. It seems like they are deliberately downplaying the impact to avoid negative publicity in advance of the event but even negative publicity would serve to minimise disruption.

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