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Topic: pavement works
Posted by: Alex Brown
Date/Time: 06/08/14 14:07:00

Last year there seemed to be an abundance of pavement works in Chiswick. At the end of last year I checked the website to see when our pavement and other ones I use nearby were going to be done and I am 100% positive that it said 2014. I was thrilled as I find my kids are often tripping up on the paving stones. I have been waiting for the works to start and am conscious of the fact that I haven't seen any works done in Chiswick pretty much all year so I went back on the website and it shows there are to be no more pavement works to be done at all in the next few years. I contacted Hounslow Highways who just confirmed none of the roads I am interested are scheduled to be done at all. Am I alone in thinking every pavement was going to be replaced? I think I am going mad....

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