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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Third Runway Report
Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 05/08/14 13:51:00

What infuriates me is the devious manner which Heathrow Airports Ltd is trying to secure backing for the expansion. The Consultation on 'compensation' is worded and framed in such a way as to encourage people to support the 3rd runway by dangling the carrot of compensation to affected residents.

Unfortunately there are those who don't give a monkeys about the environment or the future of their children and as soon as they see that there may be 'compo' they will be willing to support anything to get an extra buck in their pockets! They are being led to believe that the 3rd runway will go ahead anyway so they may as well cash in!!

"Furious residents have complained to campaign group HACAN about Heathrow Airport’s most recent consultation.  Last week Heathrow released a three month consultation seeking people’s views on who should qualify for compensation if a third runway goes ahead.  But residents have told HACAN that they feel they are being steamrollered into accepting the fact that a third runway is inevitable at a time when the Government has made no decision on the future of Heathrow."

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