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Posted by: Kevin Tanner
Date/Time: 22/06/14 18:57:00

At the end of 2013 Nespresso were already sourcing 84% of their coffee from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program.  This involves working with 62,000 farmers in 8 countries (Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Nicaragua and Ethiopia).

The International Finance Corporation estimated (2007-2010) that net income from AAA program farms was 27% higher than those not part of the program.

In terms of intensity, there are 5 coffees in the Nespresso "Intenso" range:

Roma - intensity 8
Arpeggio - intensity 9
Ristretto - intensity 10
Dharkan - intensity 11
Kazaar - intensity 12

There is also:

New Fortissio Lungo - intensity 8,
Indriya from India - intensity 10, and
Decaffeinato Intenso - intensity 7

I have always used a mid-size Bialetti stove-top (aluminium then stainless) with many and various milk frothers, and Lavazza. This gives you 250ml of coffee (and a headache or worse if you drink it all), far more than a 40ml espresso shot.

The nice Nespresso lady at PJs suggested Ristretto would be one for me to try, and that has worked well as a cappuccino base.

I tried the Dharkan and Kazaar.  A bit heavy duty for me, but probably good as a strong espresso after a meal, or for breakfast with a cigarette if you are French...

The Indriya from India is also worth trying, and the decaffeinato intenso is good after exercise / late evening.

The U machines have touch-buttons to select the right volume of liquid for each drink Ristretto (25ml)/Espresso (40ml)/Lungo (110ml), and you can even programme it to personal preference.

The great thing about these machines is that it is so quick and easy to make different coffees for different tastes - so worth another try!

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